abeeinmybonnet's Journal

I am moving from my old journal caracat to this one, which is a long time coming. I am a 29 yr old woman, happily married to a lovely man, on my 2nd pregnancy this year, however we lost our last one. I am due February 2nd. EDIT++++ baby came January 10th 2009- Isabella Jane Camille, she is the light of our lives, and mostly what goes into this journal!!. Not many pics here, mostly on Facebook.
This journal contains my personal ideas, thoughts, and feelings, please remember this is a journal, and an outlet for venting when I need to. Please refrain from scolding me on what I put in my personal journal. It may not be what you agree with, but it may be what I am thinking and feeling at the time.
Also, this journal will contain a lot of info and blah blah on my pregnancy and upcoming baby, so it you're not into that then please don't add me.

If I don't want to friend you I won't, and if you just come upon me by chance and add me, then please let me know. Don't be a creep and linger.....